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NFT Sales are currently rocking the digital marketplace. Hence, many designers are making huge profits from the sales.

However, selling NFTs is not a bad of roses and requires a sure foundation to ensure sales and value. NFTs are useless without growth in value and growth is close to impossible without an NFT Community.

The Clancey Braxton Yohman Tips For Building An NFT Community 

Be Authentic

The best way to find individuals that suit your project is to be authentic about the objectives of your project, its main benefits and the team members.

This makes your community seem relatable and unique, which is what many investors are looking for. Being authentic will also enable you to gather like-minded members of your community.

This will cause your project to last longer as you will have a strong community. 

Select A Suitable Social Media Platform

NFT Communities can be built on several social media platforms. However, each forum has its allowances and specificity. So, you must choose one that best resonates with your community’s activities.

Some of the available platforms that you can create an NFT community on include;

Discord: Discord has recently become a central aspect of building NFT communities. The platform has several unique features your NFT community will benefit from and enjoy.

Twitter: Twitter provides an excellent opportunity for you to market your NFTs, make announcements and interact. It is also a great way to build a strong NFT community. 

Telegram: This is also a popular and effective social media platform.

Reddit: Reddit enables you to reach a large audience to promote your NFTs. It is also a popular platform for NFT community building. 

Hype And Promote Your Project

One of the top ways to attract more people to join your community is to generate hype around the project. This will make investors eager to join your community and purchase your designs.

Continuously Engage Your Audience 

Your NFT community crucially needs constant engagement and updates. Fun, informative, educative content should constantly be passed across to community members.

This will keep them interested and excited to be a part of your community, even to the point of referring many others. You can engage and build your community using referral competitions, where you ask them to tag people, share, or retreat and the highest get a reward.

You can also drop airdrops and free NFTs for members who complete specific tasks. Bounties can also be used as a reward. As Me, Anything sessions are also a great way to engage your audience and attend to their questions, doubts and observations.

You must also be generally active on social media and have a strong presence by engaging relevant posts and comments.

Collaborate With Others

It is also essential for you to collaborate with other artists and influencers in the industry who can expand your reach. You can also collaborate with other projects and drop rewards.

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