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As a salesperson, expectations are high. Many believe that you are only as good as your last big sales. With all the heat to push harder and do better, it is necessary to stay motivated constantly. Below are six ways I keep myself motivated.

Clancey Braxton Yohman Shares 6 Tips On How To Stay Motivated In Sales

Remember That Motivation Comes From Within
Nobody can motivate you if you don’t first motivate yourself. Thus, it is essential to remember that you must make up your mind to stay motivated. Find and meditate on what brought you to sales in the first place. If it no longer motivates you or you can’t remember, find another source of motivation.

Ask yourself questions on how to improve, hold yourself accountable, and be your life coach. Always keep a positive mindset and avoid any negativity that makes you feel incapable. Only you can find the strength to keep yourself going.

Set Daily Goals
I always set goals or tasks that I wish to achieve per day. Don’t just make mental notes. Write them down. Setting daily goals and achieving them makes you confident and happy. It also gives you a focused aim per day to keep you motivated.

This is especially so when you have a bigger goal in sight. Breaking it down into smaller tasks relieves the anxiety of the plan in its entirety.

Never Stop Learning
Read classic marketing books, watch videos, take courses and gain as much knowledge as possible. One of the biggest motivations to do anything is confidence, and the biggest confidence booster is knowledge.

The more ability you have in your field, the more confident and motivated you are. So, never stop learning.

Surround Yourself With People That Motivate You
I always surround myself with people that motivate me. Downers will only make me a downer too. So, I avoid people or things that might douse my motivation.

Learn To Reward Or Incentivize Yourself
When you achieve a goal or make an excellent sales record, learn to reward yourself. This will keep you excited and motivated to do better. It doesn’t matter whether the achievement is big or small. If your accomplishments earn you a bonus, you can get yourself something nice as a reward.

Your reward doesn’t have to be a material gift; you can take a day off to rest, have a spa day, eat your favorite meal, praise yourself or give yourself the good ol’ pat on the back.

Listen To The Experiences Of Others
There are numerous ways to revamp your sales technique. Listening to other salespersons share their experiences helps to keep you motivated. This is because you realize that you are not the first to experience such difficulties and can learn how to overcome them. It also keeps you positive to see that there’s always light at the end of the tunnel.

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