Now that 2022 is drawing to an end, this is the ideal time to begin making plans for the new year. Suppose you are a sales rep or business executive. In that case, you might be looking at doing away with redundant sales practices that yielded little fruit in favor of introducing fresh concepts to the system to help surpass previous sales targets.

But what practice will be relevant to utilize in 2023? I’ve put together a list of suggestions below that you should look through and start putting into practice as soon as the new year officially begins.

Adopt a More Buyer-Centric Approach to Sales

Usually, the vendor is the only one who must persuade a potential customer to commit to buying. Most sales strategies are built on this idea, which, while effective, could be better.

Despite what a vendor may say, some sections of the target market will not be persuaded to make a purchase. In this regard, sales should focus on convincing customers that they decided to buy independently of your pitch.

Consider buyer enablement above sales enablement, buyer experience over sales experience, and most crucially, seller experience should be the result of the former rather than the latter.

target market by Clancey Braxton Yohman

Invest in Understanding Buyers’ Behavior

What goes on in a potential customer’s head is critical to determining whether they will patronize a brand. In order to get your sales practices right, it’s crucial to understand their likes, wants, desires, and pet peeves and how one customer’s choice might impact a wider audience.

That being said, additional funds should be allocated to studying consumer behavior in all regions where the brand is famous. The carefully selected data should then be adequately examined to find patterns that may be used to close gaps in your sales process.

Take Down Barriers Between Sales Tools and Reps

Although the value of having the appropriate sales tools cannot be overstated, some of these products are overly complex, making it challenging for representatives to utilize them to their maximum potential.

Reps would likely want to resort to manual procedures when a tool seems beyond their understanding. Therefore, whatever one is set up should be simple to avoid returning to outdated methods. 

Ensure training on new or current functionality is simple enough and brief. Reps can execute more effectively if they can quickly pick up on using these tools without putting in hours of practice as if they are studying for an exam.

In addition, there should also be a go-to way for reps to get assistance from someone who can immediately fix issues on new features.

Increase the Number of Execution Opportunities for Reps

Every process in the sales funnels crucial to ensuring that a business continuously churns revenue. For this reason, there is a need to create more opportunities that reps can execute in whatever stage of the funnel to generate new leads, connect with owners of target accounts, and maintain relationships with current customers.

This can be accomplished by identifying activities, like speaking engagements and networking events, that organically occur within the current sales process and capitalizing on them. The long-term value will eventually be produced, resulting in increased revenue.

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